Vote Labour Today for a Fairer Britain

Wes Hinckes in Bridgwater

Labour candidate,Wes Hinckes, makes his final pitch to the voters of Bridgwater and West Somerset.

I have been asked by many people during  this campaign why it’s so important to vote Labour I tell them because of our manifesto.

It is a manifesto which will change our country’s destiny.

Here is why I believe in it and why I believe you should too.

Jeremy Corbyn in the foreword says “Let’s build a fairer Britain where no one is held back. A country where everybody is able to get on in life, to have security at work and at home, to be decently paid for the work they do, and to live their lives with the dignity they deserve.”

It’s a simple and achievable vision.

It’s a Britain we should expect for our children.

It’s a Britain we should expect for our elders.

It’s a Britain we should expect for ourselves.

It’s a Britain we should see today.

Sadly the conservative government has been working against this vision and against the best interests of the people.

Cutting our services down to nothing and selling them off.

Reducing government and creating less democracy.

They are creating a country that is run by and for big business, we are becoming a country in which we have little place and even less say.

Do not believe their words when the conservatives say they care for the NHS, or for the old, or for our children.

They don’t care about our country and they don’t care about you.

The big businesses which sit in wait for the privitisation of the NHS, our schools, and everything else we have built for our nation with the efforts of ‘our’ hard work.

They don’t care either, they couldn’t care less.

This is why you never hear a clear and honest vision for the future for Britain from the conservatives.

Because not one of us would want our country to be sold off and become undemocratic, unfair, or cruel. We care too much to allow that to happen.

Deep down we all know that we deserve better than this.

Labour understands that Great Britain is the people.

It is people living a good and decent life.

It is families sharing their lives and successes with each other.

It is communities which are proud, caring and protective.

It is businesses which root themselves in their local areas; creating opportunity and shared prosperity.

It is towns and villages that are confident and vibrant, making the best of what they have and taking ownership of their future.

It is a government which helps not hinders and uses its strength to heal not cut.

Labour will take back the power that is wielded in far off Westminster and give it back to the people who know best what their local area needs.

Our manifesto does not shy away in its intent and our party will deliver on its promises.

Labour will change our country for the better.

Our manifesto connects our policies, our efforts, our belief, and our vision. We can hold these commitments aloft and by their light see a better Britain that is almost close enough to touch.

With that torch above us it becomes possible to see our country as a beacon for the world to follow.

Our manifesto gives us the first steps we must take in our journey towards a Britain that is full of promise for every citizen.

As we start to take those steps we will begin to create opportunities.

With those opportunities we will find prosperity and success.

And with our new found confidence we will write the next chapter for Great Britain.

If elected MP for our constituency for it will be my honour and my pride to connect Labour’s vision directly to Bridgwater and West Somerset, this is the place we all call home.

I want us to come together to define our own vision for our local area, a vision which is shaped by our people and our places, with shared purpose and belief.

I want the story of our nation’s success, the story of our local success, and the story of your success, to be told as one.

I ask that you give me your support on June the 8th.

Let me make a start for you and I will get the job done for all of us.

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