Labour on the march across Somerset

As a vibrant campaign reaches its close, candidates and activists across Somerset are preparing for the final effort to bring out Labour votes.All over the county, Labour activists and supporters have been energised by a campaign that has pushed forward Labour’s values of social justice while the Tories offered their discredited policy of more austerity.

And with the Liberal Democrats still tainted by their disastrous coalition with Cameron, Labour is the clear choice for all who want to register opposition to Theresa May.

For us: a radical manifesto, a charismatic leader, a brilliant campaign giving hope for Britain.

Against us, a robotic, untrustworthy prime minister at the head of a government based on fear.

With Labour: a secure NHS, public control of vital services, a million new homes, a constructive partnership with Europe.

With the Conservatives:  more hard times and a crumbling public sector, more hungry families at food banks and a clumsy, expensive Brexit.

And today’s the day when we make the choice.

Wes Hinckes in Bridgwater

All over Somerset, Labour activists and supporters have been energised by a campaign that has pushed forward Labour’s values of social justice while the Tories offered their discredited policy of more austerity – only worse. Today we must make sure we win every possible vote for


In Bridgwater and West Somerset, Labour has been identified by independent observers as the most credible challenge to the sitting Tory MP. Labour’s candidate, Wes Hinckes said:

I care about people and relationships, communities and local economies, and the importance of our natural environment. These are values that I believe should belong at the heart of society, business and politics . We need to end Tory austerity that is hurting our people and to do that we need a Labour government.”


Martin Jevon (right) with supporters in Taunton

In the county town constituency of Taunton Deane, candidate Martin Jevon said:

I want our society to be a fair one, where people have decent opportunities, no matter what their background. I will fight hard to eliminate inequalities, and stand up for those whose voice gets lost and will fight for an NHS and social care system that works where and when people need it.”


In Wells, Labour’s candidate Andy Merryfield is angry about Theresa May’s cuts to the police at a time of national peril. He said:

Andy Merryfield, Labour candidate in Wells

“Labour will reverse the savage Tory cuts and put more police on the streets.  Labour will improve the support available to the victims of crime. We will be tough on crime but also on the causes of crime by improvements in housing, health, education, jobs and  pay.”


In Yeovil, local candidate Ian Martin fears for the area’s economic future, under the sort of hard Brexit we would be likely to get under a May government. He said:

Ian Martin, Labour candidate for Yeovil

“I will speak up for aerospace in South Somerset. If the country returns another Tory government, fronted by the same weak and isolated figure on the international stage, there will be no bilateral agreements and we will sink to the bottom of the pecking order with our key trading partners”.

Somerton and Frome

Labour’s message of hope is summed up by our candidate in Somerton and Frome, Sean Dromgoole.  He said:

Sean Dromgoole (Somerton & Frome)

“This is the best  manifesto in a generation. Every single Labour vote is a vote for more houses, a better funded NHS, dignity for our elder citizens and schools we can be proud of.


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