Liz Truss, ‘Firework of Disaster’, Goes up in Smoke along with her Party

Liz Truss “Quitter not a Fighter”

Here we go again. The nation is in crisis and the Tories turn in on themselves and play a game of spin the bottle. Last two times they played they broke the bottle but hey, let’s give it another spin! None of it seems to matter. When they voted Cameron in 2015, they then gave us May. When they put up May in 2017 they then switched to Johnson. When a load of them voted Johnson in the 2019 General Election they switched for the third time to the firework of disaster that was Truss. Now they are changing again. Langport Labour’s Sean Dromgoole says “Oh the joy! With Tories you don’t know what you are getting, you don’t know who you are getting. Tories, whichever mask fits, but only for a bit. “

Sean Dromgoole- “With the Tories you don’t know what you’re getting”

Bridgwater Labour’s economy spokesman Cllr Mick Lerry agrees saying “Well the Tories trash the economy leave a trail of devastation mortgage increase; increase in food prices; increase in inflation. Working people left struggle to provide for their families with wages down and higher interest rates. Worst of all Boris could return as Prime Minister. So we have now seen it all, the country could end up with the return of Boris who is still facing investigation for Party-gate.”

Get Boris Done!

Mick Lerry
Cllr Mick Lerry “We do not need another Tory leadership election”

Mick continues “The very fact that there could be a return of Boris shows how far the Tories are prepared to respect what has happened and why he had to go in the first place. Unfortunately the Tories are prepared to risk further damage to the economy. It is working people who are facing the biggest rise in the cost of living, while the Tory MPs are just concerned about staying in power and further trashing of the economy. While people are struggling the Tories are doing everything they can to avoid a general election. They know that the people would remove them from office. We do not need another Tory leadership election we need a new Labour Government, after 12 years of no growth in the economy”.

General Election Now

Terry Ledlie “We don’t need another coronation”

In Yeovil, Terry Ledlie concurs “Boris is not the answer to the Tories problems and will only put them into Dire straights. Twelve years of pain need to come to an end and the only way to solve this problem is for the new Tory leader to call a General election and allow the failed Tories some time in opposition to reflect on what went wrong. The Truss premiership has been a disaster for Britain. Only a general election and a change of government can start to put us back on the right path. The so-called “mini budget” was an ill-judged return to the politics of Margaret Thatcher, who was also sacked by her own party. This ideologically-driven lurch to the right spooked the markets , which means that Britain is facing rising interest rates, which will further fuel inflation and deepen the coming recession. The Truss government will be remembered as the most incompetent that Britain has ever had. Despite all the U-turns, sackings and resignations, it has been a disaster and the damage has been done. What is needed now is not simply the coronation of yet another Tory tainted by their association with a  series of failed governments, but a change of government.”

The Tories Did This

Labour Leader Cllr Leigh Redman ” Cost of living crisis will be extended”

Somerset Labour Leader Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater North and Central) says “There are big turning points in history! After suffering 13 years of a conservative government & multiple prime minister’s! In just a few weeks this incarnation have generated a financial catastrophe that will be with us for the next 10 years! THE TORIES DID THIS! We need a general election to let the people in the street decide who governs us, not tory MP’s in their private members clubs! This will hit your mortgage rates for years, because of this most will be impacted with hundreds of pound increase per month for year to come! Young people will have to wait longer to get on the housing ladder! The cost of living crisis will be extended! Austerity is back! The Tories did this! 

Where have all the ‘sensible’ Tories gone…oh, there weren’t any…

Cllr Smedley points to a suggestion for the final resting place for Tories and their policies.

Bridgwater Town Council Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Labour, Westover) said “I think we all know this is the culmination of a decade of the Tory Party destroying itself by making more and more promises based on policies it knew it can’t keep and just lying to and fooling vast swathes of the voters. Cameron claimed he was the touchy feely caring Tory who learnt from the New Labour the Lib Dems were duped and helped them back into power, but of course he wasn’t, he just ended up selling the party to the Brexiteers while fear of Nigel Farage tugged at their lack of heart strings. Then we got Brexit. Then Theresa May tried to deliver Brexit without delivering Brexit – because the ‘sensibler’ (sic) Tories knew it was a daft policy. So she had to go and in came Clown Prince Boris. He just lied without even pretending not to and in the end had to go. So in came Truss, and by this stage there were pretty much no ‘moderate’ Tories left, so it was blatant page one ‘How to be as awful a Tory as possible’ stuff, which her and Kwasi actually believed were real policies they could inflict on people. But they weren’t. They were pipe dreams that generations of Tories with more brains had to at least pretend to dress up in sympathetic language. No such thing with Truss and Kwasi. So put to the actual test, that level of heartless Tory idiocy simply tanked the economy and sunk her party with it. What a bunch of idiots they have taken people for these past ten years. Sink and don’t bother trying to swim the lot of you.”

Voices from the streets

Cllr Alexia Bartlett (Bridgwater Dunwear) said “AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!”

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Marilyn Wallace
Marilyn Wallace
1 year ago

There is a kind of humorous, morbid fascination with watching what is happening in and to the UK . We need to reconsider how Westminster structures and make them fit for 21st century purpose. Yes, a GE asap. And as a new Scot, I want out of this almighty mess right now. We can do better by leaving England to manage their own solutions.

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