Yeovil Nominates Long Bailey and Rayner for Labour Leadership

Rebecca Long Bailey nominated by Yeovil CLP

Yeovil Labour CLP recently held a nomination meeting to decide who they would nominate for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour party. At a packed-out meeting in Crewkerne Thursday 30th January 2020, Yeovil CLP Nominated  Rebecca Long-Bailey for the position of Leader and Kier Stamer came a close second. During the meeting, Angela Rayner shadow education secretary was nominated as Deputy Leader with a clear majority.

Terry Ledlie with Angela Rayner

Yeovil CLP Chairman Terry Ledlie  is pictured here with Angela Rayer talking about education in 2017  during the communication workers union conference at Bournemouth.

In her statement, Long Bailey said

“Like all Labour members, I am devastated we lost the election. After a decade of Conservative government we face entrenched inequality, 4 million children growing up in poverty, a climate emergency and an emboldened far right.

We had a chance to help turn back the tide, but we failed. The starting point in the leadership election is to be honest and self-critical about why and then look forward and forge our path to power.

We lost trust with voters – over Brexit, over antisemitism, over a lack of unity in our party and because we failed to set out a convincing narrative for what we would do in government.

We have to learn the lessons of this but we can’t despair. We have another round of elections in May and the escalating crises we face mean that building a winning vision of a socialist future has never been so urgent.

My vision is one of a democratic, aspirational and decarbonised society that hands wealth and power back to ordinary people. I believe we can build a green, democratic future that bridges the deep divides in our electoral coalition.

But we must democratise our party and we must embrace radical democratic reform in the country, taking power out of Westminster. In the words of the great Nye Bevan: “the purpose of getting power is to be able to give it away.”

This is my ambition – an aspirational, socialist, democratic future that can unite the country and build our path back to power.”

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