Taunton Deane nominates Yvette Cooper

CON GAINTaunton Deane

Taunton Deane Parliamntary seat changed hands going from Lib Dem to Tory.

Taunton Deane Borough council was a Tory gain with Tory’s gaining 8 seats, UKIP gaining 1 and Independents gainin one while Lib Dem dropped 9 and Labour lost 1

Labour’s remaining councillors are Andy Govier in Wellington and Libby Lisgo in Taunton Lyngford

Taunton Deane council

Party Seats Change since 2011
The Labour Party 2 -1
The Conservative Party 36 +8
Liberal Democrat 14 -9
Independent 3 +1
U.K. Independence Party 1 +1

General Election 2015 results

Electorate: 81,830
Turnout: 70.74%
Result: Con gain
Swing: 16.81% swing LD to Con
Party 2010 2015 Change
Cons 42.2% 48.11% 5.91%
Lib Dem 49.06% 21.35% -27.71%
UK Independence Party (Ukip) 11.96%
Lab 5.1% 9.24% 4.14%
Green 4.54%

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Alan Bond
Alan Bond
9 years ago

This is a disaster for working people and clearly the ‘don’t cares’ have it. They don’t give a damn about those who have suffered under the coalition and no doubt the odious Ian Duncan Smith will be sharpening his knives again. With a majority of only nine seats, it is incumbent upon the opposition to make sure these neo-nazis work for their pay, even if it mean persuading the four Sinn Fein MPs to come to our assistance. Ian Liddell Grainger is once again our (un)elected (and useless)MP and we need to make sure that he actually earns his money this time around. As always, the Labour party gained seats roughly in proportion to their share of the vote so we need to change the electoral system so that everyone’s vote counts. Yet again I have been effectively disenfranchised along with thousands of others. Liddell Grainger doe NOT have a majority and he needs to be held to account.

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