Lib Dems lose Yeovil

CON GAINLib dem collapse continues even in their traditional safe seat of Yeovil as it falls to the Tories. The Labour vote rose minimally but UKIP made the main percentage increase.

In South Somerset District CouncilI the 2011political balance was 31 Liberal Democrats, 25 Conservatives and 4 Independents.

In 2015 The balance changed to no overall control and hangs on a knife edge
Con 27
Lib Dem 29
Lab 0
Green 0

Yeovil South: John Field (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Yeovil South: Nigel Gage (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Yeovil South: Sam McAllister (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Yeovil Without: Gye Dibben (Con) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Yeovil Without: Mike Lock (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Yeovil Without: Graham Oakes (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Yeovil West: John Clark (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Yeovil West: Wes Read (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Yeovil West: Alan Smith (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Yeovil Central: Peter Gubbins (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Yeovil Central: Kaysar Hussain (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Yeovil Central: Andy Kendall (Lib) (LIB HOLD)

Crewkerne: Marcus Barrett (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Crewkerne: Mike Best (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Crewkerne: Angie Singleton (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Yeovil East: Tony Lock (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Yeovil East: David Recardo (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Yeovil East: Rob Stickland (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Blackmoor Vale: Tim Inglefield (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Blackmore Vale: William Wallace (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Martock: Neil Bloomfield (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM IND)

Martock: Graham Middleton (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Wessex: Stephen Page (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Wessex: Dean Ruddle (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Cary: Henry Hobhouse (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Cary: Nick Weeks (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Ilminster: Val Keitch (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Ilminster: Carol Goodall (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Wincanton: Colin Winder (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Wincanton: Nick Colbert (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Brympton ward: Sarah Lindsay (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Brympton ward: Peter Seib (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Coker: Cathy Bakewell (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Coker: Gina Seaton (Cons) (CON HOLD)

South Petherton: Adam Dance (Lib) (LIB DEM GAIN FROM CON)

South Petherton: Kenneth Raikes (Lib) (LIB DEM GAIN FROM CON)

Windwhistle: Sue Osborne (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Tower ward: Mike Beech (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Langport & Huish: Clare Aparico (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Milborne Port: Sarah Dyke-Bracher (Lib) (LIB GAIN FROM CON)

Islemoor: Sue Steele (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Eggwood: Paul Maxwell (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Chard Holyrood: Jason Baker (Lib) (LIB DEM GAIN FROM CON)

Chard Avishayes: Garry Shortland (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Bruton: Anna Groskop (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Parrett ward – Ric Pallister (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Burrow Hill: Derek Yeomans (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Chard Crimchard: Jenny Kenton (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

St Michaels Ward – Jo Roundell Greene (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Chard coombe ward: Amanda Broom (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Turnhill: Shane Pledger (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Northstone: John Norris (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Camelot ward: Mike Lewis (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Neroche Ward – Linda Vijeh (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Tatworth & Forton: Andrew Turpin (Ind) (IND GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Hamdon Ward: Sylvia Seal (Lib) (LIB DEM HOLD)

Tiffany Osborne (Cons) (CON GAIN FROM LIB DEM)

Chard Jocelyn: Dave Bulmer (Ind) (IND HOLD)

Blackdown Ward – Martin Wale (Cons) (CON HOLD)

Ivelchester: Tony Capozzoli (Ind) (IND HOLD)

In terms of the Parliamentary result the Tories gained from the Lib Dems
Party 2010 2015 Change
Cons 32.9% 42.47% 9.57%
Lib Dem 55.71% 33.14% -22.57%
UK Independence Party (Ukip) 13.43%
Lab 5.23% 7.12% 1.89%
Green 3.85%


Labour candidate Sheena King said “Just back after the count, ready for bed! Sorry we didn’t achieve the national result we wanted, incredibly disappointing, but we made good progress in Yeovil and an increased share of the vote, with more coordinated support we will get there. Thank you to all those who helped with the campaign, all your hard work is appreciated and it looks like all our old Labour voters are coming back to us!”

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Sheila Forrester
Sheila Forrester
9 years ago

In the polling station in Highbridge the ballot boxes were full, so the staff had decided to make their own temporary cardboard boxes until their next official boxes arrived. Obviously they would then be opening their cardboard boxes and moving the election papers into the sealed boxes themselves. Personally I was not happy with this and made my feelings known to them, that I considered that this was probably not legal procedure under the rules of the electoral commission. If the inspector had turned up I don’t know what would have happened. I wonder, does this make the local election illegal?

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