Conservative School Funding Formula Impact in West Somerset

Graham Kennedy “West Somerset Labour Party deplores these cuts”

Dulverton parents received an unwelcome surprise in their children’s school bags last week. Head teachers Sally Fulford and Carly Hatch sent out a letter to parents explaining the drastic effect on the school’s budgets caused by the Conservative Government’s new formula for allocating funding.

All Saints primary school will be worse off to the tune of £243 per pupil, per year and Dulverton Junior School a staggering £420 per pupil, per year. The desperate Heads have assured parents that they will do everything they can to minimise the impact of the cuts on pupils.  They cannot promise that teaching will not be affected. Parents have been implored to write to their local MPs and the Education Secretary, about the devastating lack of funding.

3 Billion Pound cuts

This forms part of the national picture where the National Audit Office states that 3 billion pounds will be cut from the education budget in this fiscal year alone.  More than half of school leaders state their budgets will be untenable by 2018/19. Some parts of the country have already seen schools asking parents for donations of stationery, soap and even toilet rolls.

Labour ‘Deplores cuts and pledges increase in education spend’

Labour candidate for Dulverton and Exmoor, Graham Kennedy said “West Somerset Labour  Party deplores these cuts. A Labour Government would significantly increase spending on education. I cannot understand how the Somerset Conservatives’ manifesto promises to build new schools in the area when they are currently drastically under funding the ones we already have”.


Anyone who feels strongly about the cuts should contact Justine Greening, Education Secretary on 0370 000 2288 or email  Have your voice heard.



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