Labour Launches Campaign in Mendip

Paul Turner, Labour’s rural affairs spokesman standing in mendip

Across Somerset Labour will be standing exactly 100 council candidates. The  District with the most will be Sedgemoor, which includes the Labour stronghold of Bridgwater, where 34 seats are being contested but the second target district is Mendip where 28 Labour candidates will be standing from Frome to Wells to Shepton and down to Glastonbury. The Tories, who run the council, will be standing 47 and the Lib Dems 33. Greens will also be putting in their strongest district challenge in Mendip with 17 candidates. Finally there will be 8 independents and one solitary, hopefully forgotten, Kipper.

Mendip is currently Tory controlled with 31 Tory seats against 11 Libdem , 3 Green and 1 Independent.

For a full list of candidates click here.

Labour’s candidates in this District include Rural Affairs spokesman Gregory Paul Turner who will be standing  in Pilton where his father was a local farmer and County Councillor. Paul says “ Cuts are a national political choice and they undermine the local values which protect and promote our local communities and businesses” . Paul strongly believes that not for private profit businesses are the Labour response to the public spending cuts made by Lib Dems and Conservative, not the privatisation of our local services and assets. “Modern Labour voices are needed at county and district level as a real alternative to the LibDem Conservative tag team working as proxies for their national leadership.”

Labour candidates in the Mendip area


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Julie Perry
Julie Perry
5 years ago

Brilliant Group!

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