Labour Stands up for Key Workers

Terry Ledlie with Labour deputy leader Angela Raynor

Over the years, the Government has attacked the terms and conditions of the key workers that they now rely upon to keep the economy moving. Rewind the clock back to before this pandemic started, nearly a decade ago in 2010 where the Tory and the Liberal coalition were born and the country saw massive cuts to public services whilst politicians refused to acknowledge NHS staff and with a pay freeze for almost a decade. Any worker to make a stand against the Austerity measures would be demonized as militant and any members of the working class who would join a union which chose to make a stand against austerity would be accused of being a left-wing extremist. Chairman of Yeovil Labour Party, Terry Ledlie, puts in a word for the key workers.

Terry said “In May 2020 the country is in turmoil. We have a Prime Minister Boris who has gone into hiding. Former PM Gordon Brown said in the Daily Mirror recently if he’d taken the same approach as Boris Johnson, he’d have been laughed out of court. Of a Thursday evening we will all go outside and thank our NHS staff and all our key workers, however, the Conservatives will forget their sacrifices. Now when the Government seems to be putting the economy first and health second, gradually with greater quantities of people returning to work, slowly but surely the Government will forget about the workers who sacrificed themselves to bail them out of this crisis. To the conservatives, there will be no need to recognise the bravery of NHS workers and there will be no “key workers” as we will all have returned to work.”

Pay Rise for all Key Workers

Terry continued “There are questions that still must be answered such as, has the Government acted in the best interest of the public or have they acted in the interest of the Billionaires who have been “frustrated” during this crisis due to the risk of their personal wealth instead of the working class.”

Terry is calling on his local MP Marcus Fysh and asking him, “Will you support a pay rise for all key workers in your constituency, as an MP? You have had the luxury of working from home with a significant sum, please could you do the right thing and stop the attacks on key workers and give them the rewards they deserve. “

Terry concluded by saying “And I would encourage every last one of you to contact your local MP’s and request the same”. 


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