Questions for Candidates: No 1 “Who Printed Your Leaflets?”

It’s that time of year…..

So, round about now you’ll be getting election leaflets through your doors from all the parties competing for your vote in the District, Town & Parish council elections on May 2nd. Full of information about candidates, parties and their policies. People have spent a lot of money getting this information out there and a lot of legwork getting it to each household. And of course that’s also an ideal opportunity to spend that money in the community. But, if you look closer you’ll see it’s in fact only the Labour Party that has had its leaflets actually printed locally. So when you ask your canvasser where they got their leaflets printed Labour will tell you ‘Right here in Bridgwater’. The Tories will have to tell you ‘Er…Essex’ and the Lib Dems…..wait a minute..’exactly the same printers as the Tories, also in Essex’ What is this? Some nostalgia for the days of the coalition?? Yet more austerity?

Labour campaign manager Gary Tucker said “So, just us supporting local business then.”

Time to raise the scarlet standard high

So are the Tories and Lib Dems even taking this election seriously? Usually by now you’d see fields full of blue posters and have to remind yourself it’s just actually ‘One Farmer One Vote’ but so far this year nothing. We sent our special investigator (a bloke in a car) to drive around the Toriest bits of the district. Nothing. Are the Cons worried about something or has their vote just simply collapsed?? People are angry at Brexit and central Government and the Tories are taking the hit, but locally…well, there seems to be no appetite to put a tory board up in your garden. Of course you never see many lib dem ones round here anyway but perhaps if the Tories get round to putting some up they can borrow theirs…..

Some forgotten field that used to be Tory…


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Bernard Grant
Bernard Grant
5 years ago

It’s about time the middle and upper classes, realised what they have been voting for. They will not be thinking of the 150.000 premature deaths due to Tory policies or the 3 million children living in poverty or the 2 million on zero hour contracts or forced to go self employed, losing sick and holiday pay, plus no Company Pension, the estimated 4 million on the minimum wage or the tripling of people living on the streets, NO, they’ll be thinking about how the Tory policies are negatively affecting them.

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