Labour – Giving Young People a Voice in South Somerset

Olivia Darling-Finan, Labour candidate in Brympton

Labour have been upsetting Tory and Lib Dem applecarts across South Somerset, standing where they least expect it and upsetting the status quo by offering a real choice. 18 Labour candidates are fighting in key wards making them the real alternative to the same old politics. So used to the old politics are they in Brympton ward that they returned one Con and one Dem back in 2015. In 2019 it’s Labour youth at the forefront with Olivia Darling-Finan flying the flag.  Here she tells us in her own words why she and many other young people are looking to Labour as the vehicle for change in their areas.

Olivia says “I first joined Labour when I left school, and found myself plunged into the working world. The party seemed to fight for fair treatment for everyone, looking after the worker, the poor and those in ill health, and it really appealed to everything I believe in.”

A Fresh Approach

“I decided to stand for local councillor to bring a fresh approach to the council as a local young woman. I’ve grown up in the area, been to school in Yeovil and have worked for a local aerospace company for the last 6 years, so Yeovil holds a real place in my heart, and the prosperity and good health of the town’s residents is my priority. I would hope by standing in this election it will encourage more young people to become active in politics in the local area, and to break the image that young people cannot have a voice in politics today. Labour has been so welcoming of me, and I wanted to show young people that they need not be intimidated by local politics and realise that Labour in Yeovil will welcome them too.

I was very nervous about standing as a candidate, but I was also so excited to get more involved in local politics. I feel local council is the place to make a real difference to people’s everyday lives and introduce real change.”

Something New to Vote For

lab youth“Since stepping forward I have learnt a lot about how much work goes into a good campaign, but also I’ve realised that local people don’t always feel listened to by councillors or candidates, and that’s where I feel my strengths lie. It’s been an eye opening experience standing as the sole Labour candidate in a traditionally Lib Dem/Tory controlled ward – the sheer volume of issues that have gone unresolved and overlooked, and the anger and disappointment among the community about this is astounding.

I’m hopeful that my fresh and youthful approach will provide local residents with something new to vote for – a better option, and I can categorically say if unsuccessful this time, I absolutely will be standing again!! “

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