Yeovil Area Labour Candidates Announced

Terry Ledlie, elected unopposed in Abbey Manor Ward

Yeovil Labour Party has announced its list of  candidates for the District Council elections. The Lib Dems, with 30 members,  currently hold the council by one seat whilst the Tories have 24 and there are 5 independents. 18 Labour candidates will be standing in several key wards Meanwhile there 56 LibDems and  60 Conservative candidates. The Greens will be putting in a strong show with 13 candidates but UKIP, as everywhere, are standing less members with just 6.  There will also be 8 Independents.

The full list of candidates can be found here: south somerset candidates

Current councillors listed here.

Labour candidates below

Blackmoor Vale – Michael Yianni

Bruton- Daniel Britton
Brympton ward – Olivia Morwenna Darling Finan
Cary – John Thompson
Coker ward – Jane Elizabeth Carter-Uren
Crewkerne – Gary David Swain
Curry Rivel, Huish & Langport – Sean Dromgoole
Ilminster – Ian Rupert Mackillop
Martock -Peter Ludbrook
Yeovil College – Martin Ronald Bailey
Yeovil Lyde – Terry Ledlie
Yeovil Summerlands – Jay Parsons, Nicolas Riva, Christos Zaranis
Yeovil Westland – Joe Conway
Turnhill – Guy Smith
Wessex- Gemma Reynalds
Wincanton- Lizzy Ralph
List of candidates for Yeovil Town Council and Crewkerne Town Council elections.
Crewkerne – Dee Hennessy, Gary David Swain
Crofton Park – Olivia Morwenna Darling-Finnan
Grove – Nicolas Riva
Wyndham Hill – Martin Ronald Bailey
College – Jane Elizabeth Carter- Uren
Lyde – Bill Byrd
Summerlands – Jay Parsons, Christos Zaranis
Westland – Joe Conway
You can follow Yeovil Labour here

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Karis Wride
Karis Wride
5 years ago

As a Labour supporter I am disappointed that Ms Gemma Reynalds has neither sent any materials about what she intends to do if elected, nor has she (nor any other Labour candidate) ever carried out house-to-house canvassing in the entire 20 years that I have lived in Somerton. How does Labour intend to usurp the Lib. Dems and Conservatives if they never make any contact with the electorate? Nowhere have I been able to discover what her policies are; how am I expected to vote for this candidate? Are Ms Reynalds and Labour serious about this election (or any elections) in this district, South Somerset?

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