Somerset Sets First Unitary Budget
Moor views from Somerset In just over a month’s time Somerset County Council will become just plain Somerset...
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Terry Ledlie
Prime Minister “in hibernation” while NHS workers struggle with low pay
Terry Ledlie  “NHS badly needs a pay rise” Commenting on the biggest NHS strike in history,...
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mp spazzer
Councillor Returns to Labour
Cllr Martin Peters (Taunton Manor -Labour Gain) Taunton Councillor, Martin Peters (not the 1966 England...
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Major Flood Incident Declared on the Somerset Levels
Somerset underwater once more On Wednesday morning the Environment Agency (EA) and the local authorities...
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Labour Calls for Scrutiny of Somerset Mental Health Provision
Bridgwater Town Councillor Richard Morgan joins the campaign to stop the closure of St Andrews ward Somerset...
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beardy smedlo
Tory Autumn Budget Statement Same Old – The Hunt is On.
“Same old Tory…same old story” Cllr Brian Smedley looks unimpressed Jeremy Hunt (‘Anyone...
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'Enough is Enough' Rally in Taunton Saturday 29th October 2022
Labour members pause for a moment at the Market House It didn’t quite rain..until we reached the...
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Liz Truss, 'Firework of Disaster', Goes up in Smoke along with her Party
Liz Truss “Quitter not a Fighter” Here we go again. The nation is in crisis and the Tories...
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Car Crash PM Now Crashes the Rescue Vehicle
Liz Truss….it’s not going terribly well….. Hapless Tory car crash PM Liz Truss has...
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Tory Tax Grab Crashes the Pound
The Tories have crashed the pound Labour across Somerset is collectively shaking it’s head in disbelief...
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