Yeovil Labour echoes call for a “new chapter for Britain”

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Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer

Yeovil Labour Party welcomed Keir Starmer’s call for the government to give people “ a stake in the national recovery”. Local party Chair Terry Ledlie said “ There is a clear need for a national recovery plan that supports the rebuilding of the economy .We need a new start that will deliver growing prosperity, with a fairer share for all. People want to see economic growth supporting the creation of decent jobs, with an end to zero hours contracts and other bad-boss practices. Our NHS has does brilliantly and is meeting the challenge of vaccinating millions of people. They are supported by other workers delivering public services, including those seconded from the District Council to help administer the vaccination programmes. The government needs to recognise the role that these key workers are playing in beating the virus. Yet for the last ten years the government has effectively frozen their pay. This is an insult to those who have worked so hard to save our country. The chancellor needs to reward them fairly in the March budget.”

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11th Hour Offer Sees Agreement on Sedgemoor Budget

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Brian Smedley, Leader of opposition on Sedgemoor ‘Labour budget proposals  achieved gains’ for Bridgwater

At today’s budget set meeting of Sedgemoor District Council both the Labour and Lib Dem Groups had submitted alternative budgets to that of the ruling Tory Group. Labour had pushed for considerably more spend on Climate emergency projects including staff, regeneration work on Classic Buildings and the old Salmon Parade Hospital plus a programme of post-recovery festivals whilst the Lib Dems had urged spend on ASB in Cheddar and infrastructure support in Stockmoor and Willstock. The scene was set for a mighty battle. Then on the morning of the meeting the Tories amended their budget to include elements of both the Labour and Lib Dem ones. Leader of the Opposition Cllr Brian Smedley (Labour, Westover) said “We were calling for almost half a million more from their substantial reserve to spend now on urgent things that had gone AWOL from previous budgets. Areas of neglect like Penel Orlieu, Salmon Parade and the Stockmoor estate. Suddenly the penny dropped and was made available. This is now the second year running we have backed the Sedgemoor budget and we are please to see almost 50% of what we asked for being delivered.”

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The Town Deal – What it Really Means for Bridgwater.

Friday, 19 February 20211 Reply
The Town Deal Fund -Will Bridgwater soon be awash with money??

In the late summer of 2019 one of the first announcements of the new Boris Johnson Government was the ‘Towns Fund’. A supposedly ‘new’ plan to regenerate towns that had been ‘left behind’. The fund would support ‘struggling’ towns across England. Civil servants then drew up a priority list of 541 towns based on need and potential for development. Government Ministers then picked a top 40 high priority, a medium-low 61. Bridgwater was in the 101 chosen and is now in a position to ‘bid’ for £25 million. However, there has been much criticism of this process. Of the 541 towns listed in order of deprivation it wasn’t in fact the ‘top’ 101 that were chosen but an odd mix which seemed to mainly include Tory ‘marginals’ and ‘places that voted Brexit’. One Town was ranked 535th on the list and still made it to the top 101. Even the minister in charge of the process, Robert Jenrick, had a concerned finger pointed at him when his own constituency of Newark suddenly found itself included and the cross-party Public Accounts Committee suggested the process ‘might not be impartial or transparent’. The Government of course denied this.  And why look a gift horse in the mouth! Bridgwater’s going to be in the money….isn’t it? Shouldn’t we just take the money and run with it?

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‘No return to business as usual’ Says Labour Leader Keir Starmer

Thursday, 18 February 20211 Reply
Keir Starmer “A new chapter for Britain”

Keir Starmer has set out ‘a new chapter for Britain’ based on security and opportunity. In his speech  the Labour Leader declared that there can be “no return to business as usual” or the “failed Conservative ideology” that “weakened the foundations of society.” The Labour leader outlined the choice between a failed Conservative ideology that was exposed by the pandemic or a more secure, prosperous future under Labour. The speech set out his vision of a “new partnership” between government and business that “tackles inequality, invests in the future and builds a more secure and prosperous economy.”

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Geraint Davies MP speaks to Somerset Labour “Air Pollution-The Silent Killer”

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Geraint Davies MP

On Tuesday 9 February Somerset Labour members met with Welsh Labour MP Geraint Davies to look at the subject of ‘Air Pollution – the silent killer in Somerset & how we can save thousands of UK lives by WHO air quality limits in the Environment Bill’

Geraint said “Air pollution is responsible for 64,000 premature deaths in the UK each year and was registered as a cause of death of 9-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah. For Somerset alone, Public Health England estimates 2356 life years are lost each year, due to PM2.5. These figures don’t include the impact of other pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), but already match deaths linked to alcohol. This is a nationwide issue and as we approach COP 26, it’s more important than ever that we show leadership.”

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100,000 Covid Deaths is a National Tragedy

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Britain has just passed 100,000 Covid deaths and Boris Johnson says he accepts responsibility for all the decisions of his Tory government. Nearby Norway has had 550 and far away New Zealand has had just 25 and these are some of the countries that have now returned to a normal daily life.  Here in the UK we’re amongst the worse in the world with no end in sight because there’s no strategy in sight just a bumbling ‘respond and see’. Johnson swung from herd immunity to testing then failing to test then opening all the restaurants then closing all the restaurants, then promoting Christmas then cancelling Christmas. Labour have been marking the sad day with calls for action and public inquiry.

Labour Leader Keir Starmer said “This is a national tragedy and a terrible reminder of all that we have lost as a country. We must never become numb to these numbers or treat them as just statistics. Every death is a loved one, a friend, a neighbour, a partner or a colleague. It is an empty chair at the dinner table. To all those that are mourning, we must promise to learn the lessons of what went wrong and build a more resilient country. That day will come and we will get there together. But for now we must remember those that we have lost and be vigilant in the national effort to stay at home, protect our NHS and vaccinate Britain.” Continue reading “100,000 Covid Deaths is a National Tragedy”

Clive Lewis MP speaks at Bridgwater & West Somerset CLP Meeting

Friday, 22 January 2021
Clive Lewis speaking to Bridgwater & West Somerset Labour members

Clive Lewis is the Leadership candidate that never was. After the excitement of his initially standing for the leadership in the post Jeremy Corbyn vote he failed to get the backing of enough Labour MPs to let his name go through to the final ballot. As a result the Leadership battle was fought out between Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long Bailey and Lisa Nandy with Starmer the clear winner on 56% of the members vote. Today Clive Lewis is a back bencher representing the Norwich South Constituency for Labour since 2015. But Clive stands out for his principled views on socialism, his track record of service whether its with the BBC as a journalist or in the army in Afghanistan and for being fearless in promoting new ideas such as proportional representation, cross party alliances and open borders. On January 20th he kept a promise to visit Bridgwater and spoke with members on zoom.

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Bridgwater Town Council Sets its 2021 Budget

Friday, 15 January 2021
Bridgwater Town Council in the comfort of your (and their) living room

Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council has set its budget for 2021-22 with the Leader vowing to maintain support to community projects, boost the reserves and fund continued growth as a council. The Labour group proposed that a budget of £1,077,316.12 with a precept demand of £878,814.22 be set for the financial year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. This amounts to a Band D equivalent of £2.04 a month dropping to £1.36 a month for Band A. Cllr Leader Brian Smedley said the modest rise was needed to maintain services and community facilities, offset Covid losses and build a reserve to protect against future problems while preparing the Council for the challenges of a Unitary upheaval. The Tories voted against and countered by proposing a series of cuts and reducing service delivery.

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Getting Vaccination Done

Friday, 8 January 2021
Get in there! Getting the vaccine inside us

Boris Johnson (a Prime Minister) has finally called in the military. At yesterdays press conference to announce the roll out of the vaccination programme to fight Covid, BJ introduced us to Brigadier Phil Prosser of the 101st Logistics Brigade. Brigadier Phil explained what logistics meant “First we identify the problem, then we decide what to do about it and then we do it”. Brilliant. The complete opposite to Boris Johnson’s approach these past 9 months. First the problem happens, then you ignore it, then someone tells you what to do, then you have a go at something mildly similar, then you change to a totally different plan, then it gets worse. So now we have the military involved, 3 new vaccines to choose from and a population crying out to be vaccinated let’s see if ‘this time’ we can ‘Get Vaccination Done’. But just to be sure…and not saying we don’t have complete faith in Mr Brexit, today the Labour Party and the trade union movement also launched Let’s Vaccinate Britain – throwing all of our collective strength behind the national effort to get people vaccinated under the slogan ‘From volunteering with our NHS to reaching out to family and friends, let’s do this together.’

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Bridgwater Sends Message of Solidarity to America

Friday, 8 January 2021
The world’s eyes are on the USA

The shocking scenes from the US Capitol building on Wednesday night were seen around the world and felt particularly strongly by people with friends in the United States. Here in Bridgwater where the town had only recently revived its historic links with the town of Bridgewater Massachusetts during the Black Lives Matter movement and their historical connection around the cause of anti slavery, events took a particularly poignant turn. Town Council Leader Brian Smedley said “We want to send a message of sympathy, support and solidarity to our friends in the USA. The joy of November when the American people voted to rid themselves of a tyrant turned to shame when that same morbidly self centred individual incited a far-right mob to storm his own countries government. The hollowness of this egocentric populist is visible to all now more than ever, first promising he would be there with them but instead he went home and watched it on the telly. 5 people died as the consequence of his incitement of a mob of glassy eyed conspiracy believers, some wearing Auschwitz t-shirts or flying the racist flag of the Confederacy or bearing the logo ‘6MWE’ (‘6 million wasn’t enough’ referring to the number of Jews murdered by Hitler in ww2.) People like Trump -Populist demagogues -use people for their own ends, stir them up, with lies and rhetoric, let them go then sit back and watch the carnage hoping to reap the rewards for themselves. But They are not on their side. And if any message comes out of this it is just that. ‘Stop being hoodwinked’. The world needs to stop following these dangerous individuals. This is the result”.

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