Labour Attacks Sham ‘Austerity is Over’ Budget

Tuesday, 30 October 20181 Reply
Sedgemoor Labour Leader Mick Lerry ‘it’s NOT the end of austerity’

Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond faced strong criticism from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for delivering a ‘broken promise budget’  saying that eight years of austerity has ‘damaged our economy’ and ‘delayed the recovery’ and that it  had not ‘undone the damage done by the squeeze on spending”. Here in Somerset Local Labour Leaders joined in the attack calling it a budget for the rich which gives nothing to hard pressed communities.

Sedgemoor Labour Leader Cllr Mick Lerry (Bridgwater Victoria) said “Austerity is not over and the Budget presented by the Chancellor yesterday was more about BREXIT than helping people locally. If Austerity was over then where was the money to reverse the recent cuts by Somerset County Council for services such as GetSet to support your parents and children. For Local Government there will have to be a further wait until the Spending Review in 2019. The increased funding for Universal Credit did not go far enough, there should have also been a suspension of the migration to the new benefit system, to make sure that recipients were not forced into debt. For many local people receiving Universal Benefit, they are already in work and still finding it hard to meet everyday living. The increase in the Living Wage is still not keeping up with the cost of living and should have been moved to £10 per hour, if working people were really going to be released from the benefit system. Phillip Hammond reminded everyone that if there was a no deal BREXIT then there would have to be a further budget early in 2019, which would lead to further Austerity for years to come, while the Britain recovered from the economic shock.” Continue reading “Labour Attacks Sham ‘Austerity is Over’ Budget”

Yeovil Labour Steps Up Attacks on Lib Dems

Tuesday, 16 October 2018Leave a reply
Labour will be seeking to displace the Lib Dems from places such as Yeovil, where we now have a growing number of councillors such as local activist Terry Ledlie

Don’t be fooled into Voting for the Liberal Democrats that have not only failed the students but have failed to stop the decline of Yeovil, what has happened to bus services? Do you agree with the obsession with traffic lights in our Town? whether it’s a Tory run County Council or a Liberal Democrat District Council both parties have failed you. So says Terry Ledlie Chairman of Yeovil CLP.

Next May you as a voter will have the opportunity to Vote for a Labour Councillor. Please see below what a Labour Councillor will stand for.
-Improved Public Transport.
-Affordable housing that is secure for all.
-Passionate about protecting the NHS. 

Still unsure on whether to Vote Labour?

– Liberal Democrats have twice failed to beat the Tories in the last General Elections, they just can’t win here?
-The current Council needs a fresh approach, not  the current Two party system that is failing our Town. 
As a voter in the constituency you deserve better from your current Elected representatives. Don’t forget to Vote Labour and Demand better for not only your self but the wider community of Yeovil Constituency. It’s time to get tough and hold people to account. Yeovil is a typical working class Town that has grown in recent years but growth should not just be about building Houses, it should also be about putting in place jobs,transport,schools and health care that are required when the population increases due to housing development.
Labour rebuilt Britain in 1945 and now only Labour have the solution to rebuild in 2018 onward.

Somerset Finally Unveils Libraries Review Amid Labour Criticism

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Libraries on the line across Somerset

Recommendations for the future of Somerset’s Libraries Service have finally been unveiled today with the ultimate  decision expected to be made next month (5 November) but Labour leaders have warned of future cuts and point the finger squarely at the Tories for failing to balance budgets.

A detailed report was published online, which sets out how Somerset’s Libraries Service would continue to be delivered across the County. It recommends that 19 existing library buildings be retained by Somerset County Council. For the remaining 15 library buildings, Somerset County Council would seek to develop ‘Community Library Partnerships’ (CLPs) where communities would support library buildings in partnership with the County Council

Where this proves not to be possible, library buildings would close and alternative means of delivering library services in communities such as outreach services and/or mobile library stops would be implemented. Continue reading “Somerset Finally Unveils Libraries Review Amid Labour Criticism”

Bridgwater Speakers Impress at Labour Conference

Friday, 28 September 2018
Gemma Shanahan at Labour Confernece

As Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party declared war on the ‘greed is good’ philosophy of International capitalism, promising a ‘green revolution’ , creating 400,000 new jobs and laying out a raft of socialist policies to bring about a genuine redistribution of wealth, no less than 3 speakers from the Bridgwater Labour Party also spoke at the Liverpool Conference making  an impact on delegates and sharing in the mood of optimism that real change can finally be brought about.

Top of the hit parade was Bridgwater’s youngest ever delegate, 17 year old Gemma Shanahan , the youth officer for the constituency. Speaking passionately about schools and education, Gemma mentioned her mum who works in a school and has seen MATs (Multi-Academy Trusts)  ” ..taking money needed for schools and staff cuts” adding ” We are the future generation! Give us the best start in life. Our children are not just data on a page, they’re humans and they feel too. Let our children be children.  Education needs to change. It needs to be a place where children are helped to succeed. We can’t keep up with Victorian teaching practices. Education needs to showcase each students skills.  Schools need proper funding  and most importantly we need to listen to our teachers because they know what they’re doing unlike the people at the top who have never worked in education. We need to listen to them when they say MATs don’t work. Education is a service not a business and shouldn’t be treated as such. “

The  motion on the school system, mainly to do with abolishing academies and MATs and taking schools back under local control, was passed unanimously.  Following on from Gemma, Charlie Thomas from Shrewsbury and Atchum CLP said  “Let me say that was a brilliant speech I barely have to say anything now.”
Continue reading “Bridgwater Speakers Impress at Labour Conference”

Yeovil Labour Condemns Unfair Leaseholds

Sunday, 9 September 2018
Terry Ledlie -Chairman Yeovil Labour

Yeovil Labour Party meeting at Unity Hall Yeovil have submitted a motion to Annual Party Conference condemning the unfair leaseholds and service charges arising from the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. Members say the  motion has been submitted to highlight unfair practices in the leasehold market.

The motion runs “Yeovil Constituency Labour Party condemns the existing unfair leaseholds and service charges imposed on those purchasing homes using the Government Help to Buy scheme. Whilst the government has belatedly cracked down on the abuse of new leaseholds, it has done nothing to help those who have already bought homes without being informed that they were leasehold, have seen the cost of purchasing their freehold increase by up to 2,000 per cent without explanation, or have been held to ransom by excessive mandatory service charges. The government has failed to defend new home owners against sharp practice. The Labour Party must fight for decent housing and fair treatment across all tenures.”

This years Labour Party conference will be held in Liverpool from Sunday 23 September to Wednesday 26 September 2018. Yeovil CLP will be sending 3 delegates to conference.

For further information please contact: Terry Ledlie Chairman

e-mail   Telephone: 01935587850

130 Jobs could go as Somerset Tories announce massive cuts at County

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Unison Demo
Workers anger at County cuts as demo called for 12 Sept

“Nobody comes into politics to make decisions like this” said Tory County Leader Cllr David Fothergill, as he announced massive cutbacks in services and jobs, admitting “but local government’s continuous lobbying for more funding simply hasn’t been heard”. Cllr Fothergill also accepted that despite making £130m of ‘savings’ over the last eight years, the authority had now reached the “very sharp end” of continued austerity. “Local authorities have to deliver a balanced budget, but the funding we receive falls far short of the cost of the services we provide and that has to have an impact. We’ve tried hard to avoid this, looked at every option open to us in terms of financial flexibility, but have been left with no choice. These proposals will be hard to deliver and difficult to stomach for anyone who works for or with this authority. This is the very sharp end of austerity, but the consequences of not taking this action, of not bringing ourselves to financial sustainability, would be even harder on our residents and that has to be avoided.”

Continue reading “130 Jobs could go as Somerset Tories announce massive cuts at County”

Workers Anger at Proposed NHS Charging

Friday, 31 August 2018
Trades Council Secretary Dave Chapple

Delegates to Bridgwater Trades Union Council, many of whom are NHS employees, are angry at yet another attempt to undermine the NHS by charging for services. Tory MP, Christopher Chope, has introduced the NHS Co-funding and Co-payment Bill which proposes charges for some NHS procedures, possibly including GP appointments. The Bill will be debated in Parliament in October 2018.

Trades Union Council Secretary Dave Chapple said : “The NHS was created in 1948 so that healthcare would be available to all, regardless of wealth & income, and free at the point of delivery. This principle was undermined in 1953, when charges for prescriptions and spectacles were introduced. Chope’s Bill, if successful,  could open the floodgates to further charging.

The excuse given is that too many people visit their GPS for frivolous reasons and a charge would deter them! Even if this were true, and there is little evidence, the chief effect of such a charge would be to deter those on low incomes. Some of these people might have serious ailments, which would get worse, costing the NHS more in the long run! Continue reading “Workers Anger at Proposed NHS Charging”

Socialist History Conference Saturday 15th September in Bridgwater

Thursday, 30 August 2018
Bridgwater workers on the march in the 1930s

A Somerset Socialist History Conference will be held on Saturday 15th September 2018 at the GWRSA/Railway Club, Wellington Rd, Bridgwater TA6 5HA. The event has been organised by Bridgwater Trades Union Council and is free of charge.

Bridgwater TUC Secretary and local historian  Dave Chapple says Please let us know if you are coming! To book places contact me 07707 869 144  or” Continue reading “Socialist History Conference Saturday 15th September in Bridgwater”

Labour Leader Blames County Tories for Financial Crisis

Thursday, 30 August 2018
Leigh Redman
Leigh Redman, Labour opposition leader at County

Somerset County Council Labour leader Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South)  has launched a major attack on the years of Tory control as 130 jobs are threatened asking ‘Why are we in this position?’ and ‘How do we get out of this hole?’ The full text of his speech is below.

“What a way for our staff to start a bank holiday weekend! “Following a week of rumours and gossip around the financial position the council finds itself in, as members of staff started to leave work for the bank holiday weekend they all received an email outlining a summary of areas where savings proposals are being developed for consideration by Cabinet on Wednesday, September 12.

“The first thing that hit me when I read the list, was whatever the justification, how wrong these further cuts are, and how the list appeared to impact hardest, those most vulnerable amongst us, the ones that need our help most.

“The outcomes from these short lines are not very clear, it is purely an indicative list that needs to be explained fully before the meeting, where the Tory cabinet will take the decisions. Continue reading “Labour Leader Blames County Tories for Financial Crisis”

Bridgwater Branch wishes NHS a Happy 70th Birthday

Sunday, 19 August 2018
NHS workers at Bridgwater hospital receives Labours ’70th birthday card’

Bridgwater Branch of the Labour Party presented a giant birthday card on Thursday to Matron, Norma Coombes, and staff at Bridgwater Hospital, in celebration of the 70 years since the birth of the National Health Service. The birthday card had been signed by numerous members of the public at a “birthday party” held in Bridgwater town centre on 7th July.

Inside the card were many personal messages of thanks to NHS staff working tirelessly for the benefit of the community – including “Thank you for saving my life” written near to another: “Thank you for saving my wife”. Continue reading “Bridgwater Branch wishes NHS a Happy 70th Birthday”