Desperate Tories Resort to Illegally Fly Posting their Posters

What better symbol of Tory Britain than rows of empty shops and factories…with their posters on

In Labour Bridgwater, Tory voters are getting hard to find. This week dozens of Labour poster boards have been going up across the town and the Tories are looking worried. So worried that they have resorted to fly posting leaflets on empty shops and poster boards on empty fields. However, their PR stunt has backfired because of course putting posters on public highways and the outside of empty shops is illegal. You need to get the persons permission, not just stick your awful Tory propaganda there without asking. And of course it also looks bad. What can be more bad publicity for the Tory candidate than drawing attention to the rows of empty shops and closed down factory sites in run down Tory Britain. Locals have also been incensed by the bare faced cheek of the Tories and many posters have already been ripped down.

Empty shops, wasteland, closed factories….TORY BRITAIN!!

Another ploy the Tories have been trying is getting leaflets up in the shop windows as if they were selling an unwanted item of little worth. Which of course they might well be…. A previously unknown thing to do however. Labour Leader Brian Smedley (Westover) said “Shops never put political posters up in their windows for fear of annoying a large part of their customers. And in a strong Labour town like Bridgwater the majority of customers will be Labour. In the first week of the campaign a popular town centre cafe offered to put up a poster for me and Kath and I actually asked them not to as it might put off some of their customers and they presumably wanted to not be seen as taking sides. They agreed. I’m surprised that the Tories have put these shopkeepers in Eastover into such a position too. We’ll just have to see if they’ll also take a Labour one as well….”

Cllr Kathy Pearce (Labour) puts up yet more Labour posters boards

Keep the red flag flying comrades…

Labour posters meanwhile have never been in such demand. Estates, flats, private gardens all across Bridgwater are asking for Labour posters so disgusted are they at the antics of this disgraced Tory Government, most recently Bridgwater’s own Neil Parish adding to their woes with his tractor porn revelations. Cllr Smedley added “When I was first elected to Sedgemoor Neil Parish was deputy leader of the Tory group there . I knew he was passionate about farming but i never appreciated exactly how much tractors really meant to him…”

The elections are Thursday 5th May. In Bridgwater Labour are defending their control of the Town Council and fighting to take all 8 Unitary County seats.

Labour Bridgwater

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