What Planet are the Lib Dems On?

Lib Dems-the first political party to land on Mars…

You know it’s election time when some inaccurate Lib Dem leaflet turns up through your door saying ‘winning here!’, ‘Only Lib Dems can win here!’ or the latest ‘Lib Dems -Demand better!‘. Well, we can’t argue with the last one…we certainly demand better bar charts than what they’ve been putting out. In the Bridgwater area they have lazily been sending out their ‘only we can win here’ bar charts when in fact the total opposite is the case in this Labour town and where in fact a wasted Lib Dem vote could help the Tories back in. So here we list some real bar charts based on real facts and figures to help people decide how best to vote. (and that’s LABOUR by the way…)

Bridgwater is a Labour town.

Labour controls the Town Council winning 12 of the 16 seats at the last election in 2019. The Lib Dems have 0 seats. Once (2015) the Lib Dems did have a seat. 1 seat. But that was because the Tories forgot to stand and they won it by accident….They’ve had 1 seat in 20 years and don’t let them con you it’s any different..

Bridgwater is a Labour town

Labour is the main opposition on Sedgemoor District

Never trust a Lib Dem bar chart…THIS is a real one showing actual councillors elected in Bridgwater Town, District and County elections over 20 years.

Sedgemoor District Council is Tory controlled and Labour has always been the main opposition party. At the last election in 2019 Labour won 12 of the 15 seats in Bridgwater. The Lib Dems won 0. Sedgemoor will be abolished in 2023 and the Town will be the main focus of local power. Bridgwater is a Labour town. For a short period in the late 1990s Labour and the Lib Dems outnumbered the Tories on Sedgemoor by 1 vote O (Labour 13 Lib Dems 12 Tories 24) but the Lib Dems never voted the same way twice so at the next election the voters kicked them out and their numbers dropped from 12 to 1. They have never recovered from this.

When the Tories lost Sedgemoor click here.

Labour is the main challenger at Parliamentary elections

At Bridgwater Parliamentary elections the Tories have won since the 1950s. The seat stretches right across deep blue west Somerset. There was a period in the late 80s and 90s when the Lib Dems made a bit of a show of it but they collapsed pretty much as soon as they helped the Tories back into power in 2010 with their pointless coalition which achieved none of their goals. Since then Labour has been back in 2nd place.

The Lib Dems ‘a warning from history’ click here

Vote Labour in the Somerset Unitary Elections

The National picture

In May the Somerset Unitary elections will be the main fight for Labour. Currently Bridgwater has 4 county seats-North & South are Labour, East & West are Conservative.

Labour are the main challengers in East & West and a Lib Dem or other vote will only help the Tories.

This time round each division has 2 seats and Labour needs to win all 8 seats in Bridgwater as well as keep control of the Town Council.

Try not to believe the Lib Dem bar charts……Vote LABOUR

Labour’s candidates here

Labour’s manifesto here


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