Labour Launches Highbridge By-Election Campaign

Kate Pearce Labour candidate for Highbridge

On Monday 18th December there will be two key  Town Council by-elections in the two most marginal seats within the new Bridgwater Parliamentary Constituency . In Bridgwater the seat of East Fairfax to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Labour councillor Alex Glassford, Labour have selected Megan Boucher and in Highbridge, where a Lib Dem councillor resigned, Labour have selected Kate Pearce to fight the seat. Sitting Highbridge Labour councillor Ben Metcalfe says  “Burnham & Highbridge Town Council is evenly balanced between Tories and Lib Dems. With just one more Labour councillor elected we can hold the balance of power here and really make a difference for Highbridge. Please vote Kate Pearce on December 18th


Kate says ‘Highbridge needs some love’

Left behind by Tory cuts and incompetence in London. Left behind by Tories and Lib Dems on the town council and at County Hall.”It feels like Burnham gets the best of everything – housing, jobs and public services and that Highbridge has to settle for second-best. It feels like Highbridge is being neglected. Instead, we should work for equality across the board.”

Kate has lived in the area for ten years and is a member of Unite and the National Union of Journalists as well as being an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.“I believe passionately in building a strong local community, where people look out for one another,” says Kate.“Anything less than excellent is not good enough for our public services. As your councillor I will work tirelessly to build a real future for Highbridge.”


Ben Metcalfe Highbridge Labour councillor

That’s what Kate Pearce says. And that’s why she’s standing as your Labour candidate. She says “You can give Highbridge a real say”

* Planning decisions for better housing and affordable homes and rents

* Building a town where local businesses can thrive

* Protecting public services, especially policing, healthcare and social care

* Preserving our green spaces, so that we and our children have a place to breathe

* Making more of our motorway and rail links to attract investment and jobs


Bridgwater Labour Leader Brian Smedley out campaigning in Highbridge

Bridgwater Town Council Labour Leader Cllr Brian Smedley says “Somerset is changing. Already Sedgemoor District Council has been abolished and power is moving to the hands of the new County Unitary Council. But this is a disaster waiting to happen as not only is it far too remote to be effective locally it is already in financial chaos following years of Tory cuts and now LibDem mismanagement. The future is with a strong local council and only Labour can make this happen.”

Vote Highbridge Vote Labour

County Labour leader Leigh Redman on the campaign trail

County Labour Group Leader Cllr Leigh Redman says “At the next General election the boundaries change. Highbridge will be part of the new Bridgwater Constituency. Bridgwater is a Labour town and now this means Labour votes in Highbridge really matter. Please start that fightback now by voting Kate Pearce on to Burnham and Highbridge Town Council. The election will be held on Monday 18th December and the polling stations at Highbridge Community Hall, Market Street and Morland Hall, Pearce Drive will be open from 7am to 10pm for you to vote in person. If you have a postal vote, you can vote as soon as your voting slip arrives. Please vote for Kate Pearce Labour. “

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