lib twats
What Planet are the Lib Dems On?
Lib Dems-the first political party to land on Mars… You know it’s election time when some...
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pack of jokers
The Tories: Who’d still vote for this pack of Jokers…?
Anyone STILL think there’s an ounce of morality between them? This week, the Tories have dropped...
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dave love
Town Council Objects to Follet Farm Development
Dave Loveridge Labour candidate for Bridgwater East & Bawdrip objects to Follet’s farm over...
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bojo gores nukey
Boris Johnson: A Total Waste of Energy?
Bojo wraps himself up in the nuclear flagship Frightened almost to death by the global crisis over dependence...
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tim tock rd
Candidates concerns at Quantock Road Development
Tim Mander surveys the destruction on Quantock road Prospective Labour Councillor for Bridgwater West...
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'Unitary is Go!' as Government confirms what we already knew
..they’re under starters orders….and the Tory’s ordered a fois gras… The Government...
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btc leaders
'Unity Budget' is Sedgemoor's Parting Shot
Sedgemoor Labour Leaders happy to support a ‘Unity Budget’ in District Councils final year Sedgemoor...
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dads clthes
Thinking of Voting Tory? Why Waste Your Energy......
Finding the energy… If you’ve seen or heard the News lately you’ll have heard about...
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David Busby 1
Labour Lives: No 7 DAVE BUSBY
Dave Busby 1938-2021 For several glorious years at the turn of the last century the Labour Party ran...
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Somerset Labour Backs Global Day for Climate Justice
The Unite Balloon leads the way in Bristol Saturday November 6th 2021 saw  people around the globe taking...
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