Tory gain from Lib Dem in Coker :- Curtain closes on County election

Thursday, 16 May 2013
The Green fields of Coker - final battlefield for the Somerset County Council elections
The Green fields of Coker – final battlefield for the Somerset County Council elections

The Somerset County Council elections have finally come to a close with tonights declaration of the result from the Coker Division near Yeovil. Previously held by the Lib Dems the result has seen a Conservative gain giving them a 3 seat final advantage on the County Council.

The  Lib Dem vote dropped miserably by a third despite Lib Dims from all over the county flooding in to help desperately hold onto their seat -some of whom had given up midway through the evening having failed to get their ‘usual’ vote out and had gone to the pub.

The inevitable UKIP vote rose steaming in from nowhere despite not even running any campaign and on the day their grinning populist leader Farage got chased out of Edinburgh by angry Scots who weren’t for one minute taken in by his right wing tory nonsense.

The Green vote also dropped  noticeably despite having stood in the ward 4 years ago.

The success story of the evening that gives any sort of hope for the future was Labour candidate Murray Shepstone  flying the red flag in this corner of Somerset for the first time since 1935 and attracting almost 200 votes. Well done Murray!!

The Coker result (2009 in brackets)

Marcus Fysh – Con (1365) 1303

Ian Stephen – Lib Dem (1545)  1079

Neil Boxall – UKIP 702

Murray Shepstone – Labour 195

Peter Bysouth -Green (249) 165

Turnout 44.33%


County battle lines re-drawn on the green fields of Coker

Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Labour candidate for the Coker election Murray Shepstone, with the coalition in chaos labour seek to gain in unlikely areas
Labour candidate for the Coker election Murray Shepstone, with the coalition in chaos Labour seek to gain in unlikely areas

It might look like it, but the election isn’t over. Last Thursday, the Labour vote went up, the Tory and Lib Dem vote went down, and far-right UKIP came from nowhere to steal some shock successes. But only 54 of 55 chairs in County Hall have been filled. In Coker, South Somerset, the sudden death of a candidate has postponed the election until Thursday May 16th – and Labour’s Murray Shepstone, fighting to win, is passionately campaigning on local issues the other parties are happy to ignore.

It’s fitting that Somerset Labour’s most ambitious county campaign in history will end in a ward the party hasn’t contested since 1935 – and refreshed after a week’s break after the county-wide election, the party is throwing everything it has behind the Coker campaign.

Hugely important local decisions

Somerset-born Murray Shepstone spent twenty years working for Gloucester County Council, twenty years as a National Union of Public Employees (now UNISON) branch secretary, before going on to work for a social housing provider specialising in care for the elderly. Now Deputy-Chair of South Somerset Labour Party, and an East Coker resident for six years, Murray is determined to fight the election on hugely important local decisions the Lib Dems and the Tories are trying to brush under the carpet.

Labour's Murray Shepstone on the site of the proposed development that could bring chaos to rural South Somerset
Labour’s Murray Shepstone on the site of the proposed development that could bring chaos to rural South Somerset

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Somerset County Council 2013 FULL ELECTION RESULTS

Friday, 3 May 2013

Floods BridgwaterBishop’s Hull

John Ainsworth

Green Party 153

Laura Bailhache

UK Independence Party 549

Justine Baker – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1015

Ian Morrell

Conservative 953

Matthew Ravenhill

Labour 219


Darelle Bower

Green Party 123

Julian Davidson

Conservative 988

Ross Henley – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1035

Clive Rust

UK Independence Party 566

Madeleine Spears

Labour 183

Blackmoor Vale

Damon Hooton

Liberal Democrat 412

Jo Penberthy

Labour 224

William Wallace – Winner

Conservative 1410

Alex Wood

UK Independence Party 665


John Denbee – Winner

Conservative 1492

Sheila Forrester

Labour 336

Katie Lawson

Liberal Democrat 456

Bridgwater East & Bawdrip

Bob Bryant

Liberal Democrat 113

David Hall – Winner

Conservative 717

Barbara O’Connor

Labour 493

Richard Scammell

UK Independence Party 610

Labours Dave Loveridge holds his Bridgwater North and Central seat with increased majority of almost 500
Labours Dave Loveridge holds his Bridgwater North and Central seat with increased majority of almost 500

Bridgwater North/Central

Janice Beasley

Liberal Democrat 149

John Harwood

Conservative 246

Dave Loveridge – Winner

Labour 700

Bridgwater South

Lance Duddridge

Conservative 580

Leigh Redman – Winner


Leigh Redman takes Bridgwater South for Labour with a 400 majority over the Tories

Labour 974

Bridgwater West

Alan Beasley

Liberal Democrat 134

Ann Bown – Winner

Conservative 715

Victoria Gardner

UK Independence Party 541

Richard Hampson

Labour 463


Sam Crabb – Winner

Liberal Democrat 811

Dan Marks

Labour 153

Robert Pattemore

UK Independence Party 432

Josh Williams

Conservative 568

Burnham North

Peter Burridge-Clayton – Winner

Conservative 1327

Leander Clarke

Labour 335

Tom Nicholls

Liberal Democrat 722

James Robertson

Green Party 253


Jill Dillamore

Liberal Democrat 480

John Edney – Winner

Conservative 1453

Ted Stock

Labour 456

Castle Cary

Adrian Carter

Labour 144

Chris Hill

UK Independence Party 627

Henry Hobhouse

Liberal Democrat 1196

Mike Lewis – Winner

Conservative 1529

Chard North

Jason Baker

Liberal Democrat 748

Graham Forsyth

Labour 220

Jon Lewes

Green Party 117

Nigel Pearson – Winner

UK Independence Party 987

Martin Wale

Conservative 881

Chard South

Peter Amey

Conservative 496

Bill Byrd

Labour 124

Ron McDonald

UK Independence Party 631

Peter Rosser

Green Party 95

Jill Shortland – Winner

Liberal Democrat 833


Candidate Party Votes

Jake Baynes

UK Independence Party 605

Dawn Hill – Winner

Conservative 907

Maurice Holdstock

Liberal Democrat 440

Norma Scanlon

Labour 360

Coker (Election on May 16)

Vhie Boxall

UK Independence Party 0

Peter Bysouth

Green Party 0

Marcus Fysh

Conservative 0

Murray Shepstones

Labour 0

Ian Stephen

Liberal Democrat 0


James Bickham

Labour 243

John Jurgensen

Green Party 139

Stephen Martin-Scott

Conservative 1164

Barry Morris

UK Independence Party 713

Alan Wedderkopp – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1498


Marcus Barrett

Conservative 716

Joe Conway

Labour 136

John Dyke – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1329

Sidney Hamlin

UK Independence Party 570

Ben Hartshorn

Green Party 140

Curry Rivel and Langport

Adam Dance

Liberal Democrat 1048

Donald Mallett

UK Independence Party 618

Cara Naden

Green Party 333

Doug Northcott

Labour 124

Derek Yeomans – Winner

Conservative 1552

Dulverton & Exmoor

Adrian Behan

UK Independence Party 643

Frances Nicholson – Winner

Conservative 1650

Maureen Ann Smith

Labour 293


Tony Bowden

Liberal Democrat 215

Stephen Edward Fitzgerald

UK Independence Party 687

Nicky Gibbard

Green Party 195

Christine Mary Lawrence – Winner

Conservative 978

Andy Lewis

Labour and Co-Operative 343

Frome East

James Godman

Conservative 582

Alvin Horsfall – Winner

Liberal Democrat 835

David Oakensen

Labour 385

Baz Whale

UK Independence Party 543

Frome North

Martin Howard

UK Independence Party 455

Peter John

Conservative 1002

Sam Phripp – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1047

Catherine Richardson

Labour 302

Frome West

Theresa Clark

Labour 447

Mike Rideout

Conservative 464

Martyn Rollinson

UK Independence Party 474

Derek Tanswell – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1010

Glastonbury and Street

Bryan Beha

Liberal Democrat 1149

Alan Gloak – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1419

Jon Cousins

Green Party 668

Emma George

Green Party 623

Steve Lukins

UK Independence Party 1217

Glen Tucker

UK Independence Party 982

Belinda Mulcahy

Labour 473

John Newick

Labour 404

Terry Napper – Winner

Conservative 1639

George Steer

Conservative 1360

Highbridge & Burnham South

Helen Groves

Liberal Democrat 587

Ricky Holcombe

Labour 335

John Woodman – Winner

Conservative 737

David Taylor

Green Party 128

Purple Watkins

Independent 202


Alexia Bartlett

Labour 325

John Everitt

UK Independence Party 829

Mark Healey – Winner

Conservative 1100

Alan Miller

Liberal Democrat 274


Jo Dawson

Liberal Democrat 844

Don Kinder

UK Independence Party 945

Peter Lansdown

Green Party 279

Paul Sellers

Labour 214

Linda Vijeh – Winner

Conservative 956

Stephen Wright

English Democrats 42

King Alfred

Rosemary Hasler

Liberal Democrat 404

Charles Graham

Green Party 195

Bob Cudlipp

Independent 190

Trevor Hazelgrove

Labour 201

David Huxtable – Winner

Conservative 1303

Russell Wright

UK Independence Party 533


Jon Gray

Labour and Co-Operative 118

Paul Partington

Liberal Democrat 278

Mike Rigby – Winner

Independent 1512

Caroline Smeaton

Conservative 895


John Bailey – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1078

Chris Bragg

Labour 255

Michael Canton

UK Independence Party 621

Graham Middleton

Conservative 1058

Pamela Sellers

Green Party 119

Mendip Central and East

Josh Burr

Liberal Democrat 931

Alwyn Dow

Labour 196

Philip Ham – Winner

Conservative 1156

Barry Harding

UK Independence Party 444

Linda Hull

Green Party 146

Mendip Hills

Roger Anderson

Labour 274

Christine Cockroft

Liberal Democrat 298

Pete Rawlings

Green Party 216

Harvey Siggs – Winner

Conservative 1075

Simon Smedley

UK Independence Party 636

Mendip South

Earl Bramley-Howard

Green Party 190

Colin McNamee

UK Independence Party 546

Deborah Towner

Labour 141

Sarah Yong

Liberal Democrat 976

Nigel Woollcombe-Adams – Winner

Conservative 1196

Mendip West

Les Bennett

UK Independence Party 151

Kate Briton

Green Party 494

Andy Merryfield

Labour and Co-Operative 204

Graham Noel – Winner

Conservative 1153

Ros Wyke

Liberal Democrat 1045


Lesley Culverhouse

Labour 265

Andrew Peter Hadley

Independent 448

Marcus Kravis

Liberal Democrat 645

Brenda Maitland-Walker

Conservative 608

Terry Venner – Winner

UK Independence Party 765

Monkton & North Curry

David Fothergill – Winner

Conservative 1369

William J. Lukins

UK Independence Party 508

Mike Marshall

Liberal Democrat 778

Phil Pinder

Labour 186

Roy Snelling

Green Party 91

North Petherton

Bill Revans

Liberal Democrat 647

Oliver Barratt

Labour 207

Richard Brown – Winner

Conservative 667

Peter Hollings

UK Independence Party 442

Rowbarton & Staplegrove

Stephanie Lukins

UK Independence Party 504

Clive Martin

Green Party 140

Nick Townsend

Conservative 685

Danny Wedderkopp – Winner

Liberal Democrat 791

Brenda Weston

Labour and Co-Operative 353

Shepton Mallet

Ian Forster

Green Party 90

Chris Inchley

Labour 538

Garfield Kennedy

Liberal Democrat 672

John Parham – Winner

Conservative 775

Edward Rolfe

UK Independence Party 486


Margaret Chambers

Green Party 412

Julia Gadd

Liberal Democrat 788

Oliver Paglia

UK Independence Party 514

Alan Pearce

Labour 133

Dean Ruddle – Winner

Conservative 1450

South Petherton and Islemoor

Martin Bailey

Labour 174

Charlotte Howells

Green Party 239

Christopher Le Hardy – Winner

Conservative 1096

Paul Maxwell

Liberal Democrat 1042

Richard Osborne

UK Independence Party 693

Taunton East

Dorothy Baker

UK Independence Party 496

Simon Coles – Winner

Liberal Democrat 753

Martin Jevon

Labour and Co-Operative 285

Clare Marsden

Green Party 106

Aaron Miller

Conservative 326

Taunton North

Michael Adkins

Conservative 343

David Allen

UK Independence Party 471

Alan Debenham

Green Party 117

Claire Gordon – Winner

Liberal Democrat 606

Libby Lisgo

Labour 435

Taunton South

Phillip Bower

Green Party 122

Stephen David

Conservative 563

Anna Lynch

Labour 299

Hazel Prior-Sankey – Winner

Liberal Democrat 1176

Jacqui Smith

UK Independence Party 619

Upper Tone

Alice Bridges-Westcott

Liberal Democrat 219

Christopher Chanter

UK Independence Party 612

Ben Elkins

Labour 332

James Hunt – Winner

Conservative 1028

Steve Ross

Independent 919

Watchet & Stogursey

Susan Linda Bamford

UK Independence Party 543

Alan Bond

Labour 313

Hugh Davies – Winner

Independent 1062

Chris Morgan

Conservative 801

Andrew Govier
Labour leader Andy Govier retained his Wellington seat with an increased majority of over 400.


Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg

Green Party 89

Carl Bennyworth

Liberal Democrat 196

John Clark

UK Independence Party 617

Andrew Govier – Winner

Labour 1583

Andrew Sully

Conservative 627


Ian Kealy

UK Independence Party 502

Maddy Milnes

Green Party 211

John Osman – Winner

Conservative 1382

Colin Price

Labour 424

Danny Unwin

Liberal Democrat 879

Wincanton and Bruton

Shane Adams

Green Party 131

Abi Baker

Liberal Democrat 549

Tim Daniel

Labour 193

Anna Groskop – Winner

Conservative 1555

Brenda Hamlin

UK Independence Party 493

Yeovil Central

John Byrne

Conservative 489

Alan Dimmick – Winner

UK Independence Party 765

Peter Gubbins

Liberal Democrat 748

Terry Lavin

Labour 239

Yeovil East

Paul Bradly

Conservative 196

Godfrey Davey

UK Independence Party 724

Tony Lock – Winner

Liberal Democrat 833

Sharon Stafford

Labour 272

Yeovil South

Dave Greene – Winner

Liberal Democrat 992

Terry Ledlie

Labour 232

Katy Limmer

Green Party 112

Tom Parsley

Conservative 632

James Rouch

UK Independence Party 605

Yeovil West

Martin Day

Green Party 95

Jane Lock – Winner

Liberal Democrat 779

Sue Pitman

Labour 190

Ashley Strelling

Conservative 386

Tony Turner

UK Independence Party 486




Tory control of Somerset County Council ‘precarious’ as results sink in

Friday, 3 May 2013

Andrew Govier
Labour leader Andy Govier retained his Wellington seat with an increased majority of over 400.

The Conservative Party has retained overall control of Somerset County Council but with a seriously reduced majority ( -7) on 28 seats and an increase in Labour  (+1) 3 and Progressive Independent (+2) 2 seats . The Lib Dems have dropped (-3) their total of  seats to 18 and the Far Right UKIP gaining (+3) a surprise 3 bringing the balance to 28-26.

The results are for 54 out of the 55 electoral divisions .The Coker division will be contested on 16 May due to the death of a candidate.

Overall turnout was: 35.6% (a decrease compared to 42% in 2009)

Labours Dave Loveridge holds his Bridgwater North and Central seat with increased majority of almost 500
Labours Dave Loveridge holds his Bridgwater North and Central seat with increased majority of almost 500

Seats Won:

Conservative: 28

Labour: 3

Lib Dem: 18


Independent: 2

The Council Leader and Chairman will be elected at the next full council meeting which will take place on 21 May 2013.

Leigh Redman takes Bridgwater South for Labour with a 400 majority over the Tories

Full results are:

Bishops Hull & Taunton West – Justine Baker, Liberal Democrat

Blackdown & Neroche – Ross Henley, Liberal Democrat

Blackmoor Vale – William Wallace, Conservative

Brent – John Denby – Conservative

Bridgwater East & Bawdrip – David Hall, Conservative

Bridgwater North & Central – Dave Loveridge, Labour

Bridgwater South – Leigh Redman, Labour

Bridgwater West – Ann Bown, Conservative

Brympton – Sam Crabb, Liberal Democrat

Burnham on Sea North – Peter Burridge-Clayton, Conservative

Cannington – John Edney, Conservative

Castle Cary – Mike Lewis, Conservative

Chard North – Nigel Pearson, UKIP

Chard South – Jill Shortland, Liberal Democrat

Cheddar – Dawn Hill, Conservative

Coker – (to be declared on 16th May)

Comeytrowe & Trull – Alan Wedderkopp, Liberal Democrat

Crewkerne – John Dyke, Liberal Democrat

Curry Rivel & Langport – Derek Yeomans, Conservative

Dulverton & Exmoor – Frances Nicholson, Conservative

Dunster – Christine Lawrence, Conservative

Frome East – Alvin Horsfall, Liberal Democrat

Frome North – Sam Phripp, Liberal Democrat

Frome West – Derek Tanswell, Liberal Democrat

Glastonbury & Street (A) Terry Napper, Conservative

Glastonbury & Street (B) Alan Gloak, Liberal Democrat

Highbridge & Burnham South – John Woodman, Conservative

Huntspill – Mark Healy, Conservative

Ilminster – Linda Vijeh, Conservative

King Alfred – David Huxtable, Conservative

Lydeard – Mike Rigby, Independent

Martock – John Bailey, Liberal Democrat

Mendip Central & East – Philip Ham, Conservative

Mendip Hills – Harvey Siggs, Conservative

Mendip South – Nigel Woollcombe-Adams, Conservative

Mendip West – Graham Noel, Conservative

Minehead – Terry Venner, UKIP

Monkton & North Curry – David Fothergill, Conservative

North Petherton – Richard Brown, Conservative

Rowbarton & Staplegrove – Danny Wedderkopp, Liberal Democrat

Shepton Mallet – John Parham, Conservative

Somerton – Dean Ruddle, Conservative

South Petherton and Islemoor – Christopher Le Hardy, Conservative

Taunton East – Simon Coles, Liberal Democrat

Taunton North – Claire Gordan, Liberal Democrat

Taunton South – Hazel Prior-Sankey, Liberal Democrat

Upper Tone – James Hunt, Conservative

Watchet & Stogursey – Hugh Davies, Independent

Wellington – Andrew Govier, Labour

Wells – John Osman, Conservative

Wincanton & Bruton – Anna Groskop, Conservative

Yeovil Central – Alan Dimmick, UKIP

Yeovil East – Tony Lock, Liberal Democrat

Yeovil South – Dave Greene, Liberal Democrat

Yeovil West – Jane Lock, Liberal Democrat

Find more information on the results at:


Proud Bridgwater keeps the red flag flying and stands up to hate laden UKIP threat

Friday, 3 May 2013
Bridgwater sees Labour gain, Tory defeat , UKIP halted and Lib Dems humiliated.
Bridgwater sees Labour gain, Tory defeat , UKIP halted and Lib Dems humiliated.

Last nights Somerset County Council elections saw the Conservatives only just keep control with 28 seats to 26 opposition seats with one final seat to declare (the Lib Dem seat of Coker where the UKIP candidate died thus causing the election to be postponed until May 16th). Around the county a staggering rise in the Far Right anti-immigrant UKIP vote saw that party make 3 gains-Minehead, Chard North and Yeovil Central. Meanwhile 2 progressive independents won in Lydeard and Watchet while coalition partners in crime the  Lib Dems and the Tories all fell back making the county now  a feather away from being ‘hung’.

Labour Bridgwater draws the line against hate

However, it was in Bridgwater that the line for decency and common sense was drawn, fought for and won by Labour , thanks to a hard working campaign team in and around the town and the honest voters who did the right thing and said ‘No’ to the hollow promises and hateful campaign of the far right.

Labours Dave Loveridge holds his North and Central seat with increased majority
Labours Dave Loveridge holds his North and Central seat with increased majority

in Bridgwater North and Central, experienced Labour campaigner  and soon to be Mayor of the town Dave Loveridge trounced his Tory and Lib Dem opponents to retain his seat with an increased majority. Dave won with 700 votes to Conservatives 246 and Lib Dems 147 increasing his majority by more than 200.

In Bridgwater South town and district Councillor Leigh Redman fought and won a nose to nose battle with Tory grocer Lance Dudderidge to grab the seat from the Conservatives with a sensational win by 959 votes to 576 setting  the Labour majority at around 500.

Leigh Redman
Leigh Redman kicks the Tories out of Bridgwater South for Labours key gain of the evening

In Bridgwater East and West the Tories held onto their seats but with much reduced majorities and with UKIP grabbing votes across the board.

In Bridgwater West, sitting Tory Ann Bown had her majority slashed by 300 in a result that saw Labour’s Richard Hampson come third behind the UKIP candidate. The Conservatives were down to 715 votes against UKIP 541 Labour 463 and Lib Dem marginalised at 134 (another drop for the coalition this time of around 300 votes)

In Bridgwater East , which included the recently added Conservative leaning villages of Bawdrip and Weston Zoyland, Barbara O Connor was only 200 votes behind Tory cabinet member David Hall whose majority was hauled back by some 400 votes yet was deprived from victory and even second place by the 610 strong UKIP ‘vote from nowhere’, achieved without any campaigning other than the national media hype. The Conservatives clung on with 717 UKIP floating to the surface with 610 Labour  up over 100 to 493 while Lib Dems collapsing by 300 to 113.

In total Labour had triumphed in Bridgwater with the following tally.

Labour 2630

Conservative  2504

UKIP  1151

Lib Dem 396

Bridgwater returns 2 Labour and 2 Tory councillors now to County and the people that made the right choice, to get out there, vote for local hard working Labour candidates and say no to the divisive  hate campaign of  the far right UKIP, can be rightly proud of themselves today as the country wakes up to the smug face of the banker Farage and his unvetted shower of headline hitting scaremongers.



Somerset County Council results

Friday, 3 May 2013

Somerset County Council is looking precarious as the final results are

Con 28 seats,

Lib Dem 18 seats,

Lab 3 seats,

UKIP 3 seats,

Independent 2 seats.

The now crucial Coker division election is on 16 May


Conservatives hold Highbridge

Friday, 3 May 2013

Helen Groves (Lib Dem) – 587 votes

Ricky Holcombe (Lab) – 335 votes

David Taylor (Green) – 128 votes

Purple Watkins (Ind) -202 votes

John Woodman (Con) – 737 votes


Number of eligible electors: 7367

Percentage turnout: 27.11 %



Tories hold Shepton Mallet

Friday, 3 May 2013

John Parham CON 775

Garfield Kennedy LIBDEM672

Chris Inchley LAB 538

Edward Rolfe UKIP 486

Ian Forsetr GREEN 90

Labour Hold Wellington

Friday, 3 May 2013


Andrew Govier
Andy Govier

Andrew Govier LAB 1583

Paul Sully CON 627

John Clark UKIP 617

Carl Benneyworth LIBDEM 196

Zoe Aisworth Craig GREEN 89


Tories win North Petherton

Friday, 3 May 2013

Oliver Barratt (Lab) – 207 votes

Richard Brown (Con) – 667 votes

Peter Hollings (UKIP) – 442 votes

Bill Revans (Lib Dem) – 647 votes


Number of eligible electors: 6136


Percentage turnout: 32.14 %